Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fuzzy Friend

Ivy is one special bun. She's one of my angora rabbits but we've developed a special bond. In Dec she had a foot injury that took months to heal. It was a long road but it healed beautifully and unless you look closely you cannot tell there was ever an injury.

She was one of my territorial does. A wonderful mother, patient when being groomed but really didn't have much need for you other than food and treats. She was my growler every time the cage door opened.

I had no intention on breeding her but due to some negligence on my part that I do admit to... it happened. In fact, I had no idea that a breeding took place until a few days before she kindled. I had taken her to the vet because she wasn't looking well and her behavior had changed. She has a mass on her left shoulder and was pretty hesitant to being handled. It was while he was examining her on the table that the light came on, Oakley escaped, Ivy was in another room and as the vet says, "With rabbits it can happen on the fly". Oakley was missing only for a moment and obviously that is all it takes. I felt completely stupid. I know how to palpate expectant does. In fact I had a suspicion that morning but I didn't put 2 and 2 together and summed it up to a very upset, rolling tummy. Boy did I feel stupid. Her pregnancy was confirmed when Dr G felt kits. "Oh, there's a little skull, a long body. Oh! and another. Yep, I'd say she's got 5 kits and it won't be long". As a matter of fact we had her in on Friday afternoon and her kits arrived early Sunday morning. Eight of them, three rather small ones one being very tiny. They have all survived and are progressing beautifully.

With all the contact we've had the last few months we've become very good friends. It's amazing the connection you can develop with an animal. We interact most of the day, she'll follow me around like a little dog and nudges my ankles for attention. Her spicy attitude is returning but she is still very much my buddy and we lay on the floor together in the evenings. Yes, I'm totally enamored by her and that's okay with me!

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